Organizations, in today’s competitive world, are required to deliver superior customer journey and effective digital transformations. Digital transformations are primarily about people and process, not technology and require Platform Approach. Noetic’s platforms are designed to optimize end-to-end business process.

Service Delivery Platform

Noetic’s Mobile Messaging Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is a sophisticated cloud-based product for the delivery of value added services. A simple interface gives the user control to create and launch SMS, MMS or WAP campaigns of any size.


Content Hosting Platform

Noetic has customers covered by technical integration with all operators in Pakistan. Our SMS gateway provides reliable services that push information to the customer and empowers your customer to seamlessly communicate with you — all with the ease of SMS.


Large Scale Campaigns

Using artificial intelligence coupled with multiple gamification techniques, we have enhanced our ability to effectively develop, optimize and execute large-scale campaigns, thus maximizing value, enhancing revenue, and increasing customer engagement.


Direct Carrier Billing

Set up an account with Noetic’s Direct Carrier Billing platform and enjoy billing access to the entire mobile customer base in Pakistan. Enable recurring payments, view real-time analytics, enjoy end user friendly flows with header enrichment and easy transactions with absolute transparency so that you can quickly monetize your digital products.